The Stages of Grief T-Shirt
The Stages of Grief T-Shirt
The Stages of Grief T-Shirt
The Stages of Grief T-Shirt

The Stages of Grief T-Shirt

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Inspired by the album of juan karlos, Sad Songs and Bullshit Part 1.

Artist Bio

As a multi-awarded singer-songwriter, producer, and actor, juan karlos is many things. But behind all the success lies raw passion that continues to fuel his artistry.  This paved the way for hit songs like “Buwan,” “Demonyo,” and “Boston,” with a colossal total estimate of 177 million streams.

His raw take on music has helped him navigate through untested waters, plunging headfirst into different genres, musical arrangements, and lyrical narratives. Never shying away from the unfamiliar, he knows how to dip his toes into different musical ponds. With hints of rock, ballad, and even jazz in his finished pieces, juan karlos assures his listeners of consistency in quality.

Spearheading a band of his namesake has also helped him deepen his musical exploration; he not only honed his songwriting and producing but discovered a love for performing live. This paved the way for the critically-acclaimed “Diwa,” a 10-track album he released in 2020. 

As he continues the pursuit of his soul’s ultimate expression, juan karlos now wishes to focus on different creative outlets. From music to acting, he’s sharing more pieces of himself with anyone willing to listen.